Injury Waiver Form Contract

Our sport activities (listed below) has its inherent risks and can potentially cause injuries. These injuries include but are not limited to:
1) Torn ankle/knee ligaments; Broken Ankles, Legs, Arms, Wrists, Hands, Feet and Ribs; Facial/Head Injuries
2) Shoulder, Back, Eye, Dental, Whip lash/Neck injuries; Other Unforeseen Sports Injuries
The sport activities we run and organise include:
1) Bubble Games (Bubble Soccer, Bull Rush, Last Person Standing using bubble suits)
2) Human Foosball, Quidditch, Soapy Inflatable Soccer, Floorball, Beach Olympics
3) Chicken Run, Super Soakers, Flag Grid Iron, OzTag, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer

I  acknowledge that I wish for my CHILD/MYSELF to participate in the above activities  


I understand that certain risks are inherent in the sport activities mentioned above in which MY CHILD/MYSELF will participate and I fully accept those risks. These risks include, but are not limited to, injury, and other physical harm to my child/myself. I understand that there may be a great variety of other risks not known or reasonably foreseeable. I acknowledge that Ultimate Bubble Soccer, Evgeni Routman and other supervisors who run these sport activities are not responsible for any harm that may occur.

I understand and agree that Ultimate Bubble Soccer, Evgeni Routman and other supervisors do not provide medical cover expenses for any injuries occurred.

I fully release and discharge Ultimate Bubble Soccer, Evgeni Routman and other supervisors from all liability in connection with my childs/my participation in these events/sport activities mentioned above.


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